Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And On The Jorb Front--

The NY&Co. thing went fine. I have an interview with the forrealz manager on Friday.

But they are contacting my previous employers.

Okay... my last job. Shitty Shoe Store (SSS). I was hired by this chill dude, it was fine. Slow work and boring sometimes, but tolerable. Then the chill dude (read: Manager) left, and the assistant manager (Read: Big fat bitch) took over. She never liked me and made it apparent. It didn't help that this chick who worked there that I THOUGHT was my friend told Fatass Bitch that I called her (Fatass Bitch) a bitch. She hated me even more. Yay!

There was this one time (it had happened once before, but this time it was the final straw) that my shift started at five. I was there at five exactly, went and put my coat away, and was on the sales floor at five-oh-two.

Cunt said I was late and SENT ME HOME. Better yet, she DIDN'T EVEN DO IT HERSELF. She had one of her ass-kissing peons do it.

So I never actually quit. She just stopped giving me hours (but didn't take my name off the schedule for six months. HAHAHAHAHA) and I just didn't quit.

So I have NO CLUE what she's gonna say about me.

Still holding out for the vintage job. She said she'd love to meet me and would call later this week. THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME!

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