Friday, March 7, 2008


Observation: The straw wrappers here have a distinct pattern printed on them. It matches the design on the cups. The 'art' is probably copyrighted.

What. The fuck. Why does everything have to be all unnecessarily decorated?

Please recall what I said in the last post:

I am still drunk from last night. Bahahaha.

Observation: Tom Goes To The Mayor (which I am currently watching) has hella gay and pedophilic undertones. It's creepy, yet hilarious.

Observation: I am watching the episode guest starring Sarah Silverman. I effing love her, just like all white people ( and by the way that site is DEAD ON and completely brilliant. I like about 97% of everything mentioned.). I must say though that my favourite episode is season two, episode fifteen: Undercover. It was actually on recently. And it also guest stars Michael Cera. Who I am becoming pathetically obsessed with.

I think if we ever met he'd like me. Is that stupid? Hahaha

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