Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The One That Got (Read: The One I Sent) Away.

Okay, the story I am going to tell you has hells of backstory, but I shall fill you all in eventually. It's kind of an ongoing thing.

I have this ex. We can call him Liam. Now, we dated AGES ago (fall of sophomore year) and I was a bad girlfriend blah blah dumped him rhubarb rhubarb. Anyhoo, we roll in the same circle of friends and we tease each other, me sometimes getting out of hand... cuz that's what I do (he does too, but not as often. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE AT FAULT!). So we have a strange relationship.

SO, Sunday night. Chilling playing Wii at my friends house with some pallies. Liam calls. No one wants to talk to him or wants him to come over so they are ignoring the ringing phone. I decide to be nice and answer. We talk for a bit and then he quite rudely asks me to put someone else on. We were getting along that morning (he crashed at the Rainbow house for no real reason) so this pisses me off. So I say, 'No one else wants to talk to you. That's why I answered the phone' and I hang up on him.

He calls back on another friend's phone and asks to talk to me. He proceeds to yell at me, bleh bloo blee I never want to talk to you again, you are so mean, whatevs whatevs. I play the defense card and hang up again.

Then I feel bad so I leave a voicemail apologizing, saying how I get really defensive around him and I don't know why.

I totally know why. Kind of.

A little while ago, there was this couple of months where I was completely convinced that Liam was my soulmate. I don't know, we just challenge and match each other really well. It's bizarre. But anyway. So FINALLY, we hang out one on one. And it's lame as fucccck. So I'm like, yeah, totally over it. Which I was. But I still get nervous when I see him and hope he'll talk to me. I always want him to show up at parties I'm at and flirting with him is a blast (except he apparently was flirting with my friend [another of his exes, the girlfriend after me. Both his relationships after me have been super long and serious and he has treated the girls terribly. With my friend, I guess after the fact she realized how he always talked down to her and made her feel bad and do things she really didn't want to do. He cheated on his most recent with more than one girl. Yeah... one was me. But that is a story for another day. I just worry that I screwed him up. We only dated a couple months but he was super nice to me and I treated him like shit... which is once again another story. God. Long set of brackets.] which made me mad [Read: Jealous] and shit).

That was probably the most confusing paragraph everrrrrrrr.

ANYWAY. I called my dude friend cuz I was chilling with some lady friends (yeah, including Friend 1) and he was with Liam. I was trying to get us all together,
1) Cuz we were bored.
2) I wanted to see Liam.
3) He listened to the message I left him and forgave me.

ANYHOO, I tell them I'll call after we get done eating at Noodles & Company. We go and eat and sit there talking about how rad it would be if a group of cute guys walked in. Just then, this car pulls over and this dude starts getting out. I'm like 'hoooly shit guys, LOOK!' And so we all look and decide he's a babe. And I'm sitting there GAWKING AT HIM and he turns around.

It's Liam. How did you know?

Anyway, the lads joined us early, and we all had fun. Smoked some happiness, Hookahed on my porch, took a walk in the woods, just chilled. Then everyone wanted to leave


but he'd have no way home so he couldn't.

Yes, ladies and gents, I do not have my license. I am a sad excuse for a nineteen year old.

But yes. So that is what has been up with him the last couple days. I'm v. v. confused, I really don't think he's interested (though my friends do... I think they're just trying to be nice) and I really don't want to deal with being insecure and worried about one stupid boy all the time. So what now? I have no blooming idea.

Just a tidbit to leave you with:

Friend 1's sister, whom I am friends with, apparently told Friend 1 that 'the only guy she could think of that could handle me' is Liam.

Oi vey.

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