Tuesday, March 4, 2008

THERE'S The Call I Was Expecting.

So my mom just called, blah blah, making a mistake, you'll be poor, etcetera etcetera and all that jazz. Lots of tears (on my part of course... that's what overly emotional girls like me do) and stuff, and after lots of escalated voices and warnings that life will be hard, she gave in again. So I'm still coming home for forever this weekend. Thank god.

Anyhoo, since I'm here anyway, I'll recount the ORIGINAL call conversation.

I was already crying (hurrr) and she was super understanding. She told me she didn't want me to be unhappy and that I could come home. I was surprised how cool she was with it-- which obviously she wasn't, judging by that most recent phone call. But yeah, that's it. I was pleased and taken aback by her compassion. I mean, I love my mom, but The Units are very practical people.i figured they wouldn't understand.

Oh well, I'll SHOW them.

And the dedication in my first book will be to myself-- 'For being the only one who always believed in me.'

Hey, just because I'm emotional doesn't mean I'm not a vindictive little bitch.

But I probably won't actually use that dedication. Probably.

ANYWAY-- As soon as I got off the phone (from Time #1) I Facebooked my friend (yeah... I'm a coward and I admitted it in the message about eighty times) and told her I loved her and she and my friends here are wonderful, but I can't stay here and be happy, let alone thrive (something about this place gives me major writer's block. I feel completely suffocated).

My small group of friends came over and told me they weren't mad and they just wanted me to do what is best for myself and they'll miss me but they understand.

See why I love them so much?

But yeah. Male Unit (dad) is flipping shit about the situation, natch. But too damn bad for him.

As of right now, things are still GO!

I promise a happy little anecdote for the next post.

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