Monday, March 17, 2008

Rainbow Party Results:

Uhm. For me at least, it kind of blew. I was so stressed over everything, I planned by myself, I cleaned by myself, I decorated by myself. It SHOULD have been good.

But dude whose house we were using took it upon himself to invite his retarded friends who messed up the place and dude expected ME to clean it up. First of all, I had planned on cleaning up anyway, but it's bullshit when the people who were ACTUALLY INVITED BY THE HOSTESSES didn't make the mess. Secondly, the house is fucking DISGUSTING, Post-party or not. I cleaned the hell out of the place pre-party, doing things that he should've done himself. The place is ALWAYS nasty and I single-handedly made it tolerable. LASTLY, HE WAS BEING A DICK ABOUT THE WHOLE THING. He kept throwing shit on the floor saying 'you're just going to sweep it up later.' You can't sweep up nasty alcohol soaked fruit. Shit sticks to the floor. You have to go after it by hand and I am not about to do that just cuz he felt like being an asshole.

So- He gave me an ultimatum. On my Facebook Wall of all places. Something like 'COME CLEAN OR YOU'RE BANNED FROM MY SAINT PATTIE'S PARTY.' Fuck that noise. I don't have any desire to see his selfish ass or go to another lame party (his version involves getting a keg and just telling people to come over. Woo, fun times).

Sidenote: Throughout the whole planning thing he was a douche and a half. He said we could start soaking the fruit for the punch on Thursday, then changed his mind and said we'd do it Friday. Friday rolls around and he decides he's going to throw an impromptu party for this one guy and buys a keg. He's 'so busy' 'planning' that we can't do it. Saturday, it turns out that NO ONE FUCKING DRANK THE BEER so he wants to sell HIS cups at OUR party. Let me make this clear: there is no way in fuck I can actually afford this party. I spent ALL the money I had expecting to make it back (Side-Side Note: Friend 1, Friend 2, and I threw this party. Friend 1 ended up spending NO MONEY on ANYTHING and ended up being the one to divvy money between Friend 2 and me. She gave HER ten bucks more than she spent, and me ten bucks LESS than I spent. So I came out in the negatives. And I can't even say anything to Friend 2 cuz she bought booze and I bought decorations and candy and everything else but she'll be all 'booze is more important' and then douche who owns the house [who is also fucking Friend 2] will agree with her and then everyone will gang up on me as usual. Fuck that. But more about the bogusness of Friend 1 soon.). He ended up giving us the keg for whatever retarded reason.

Next on the list of complaints...

Ah Friend 1. How sad you make me. And you call yourself my best friend?

Please note that I have forgiven her and everything is 'good' now. It still hurts to be betrayed but whatever. But a girl still needs to vent.

Friend 1 gave me the screen name of Some Guy, a friend of hers. We started talking a couple weeks ago and he was coming to the party. I was super worried he wouldn't like me or find me attractive but super excited he was coming. So he gets to the party. We talk a bunch and maybe flirt (I don't even know how to distinguish flirting anymore) and we were both crashing there so in my head I was like, sweet, I'm gonna get some.

Wrong again, Little Snarkster.

We are sitting on a couple mattresses (Some Guy, Friend 1, another chick friend, a dude friend of Some Guy, and I) and Friend 1 is next to Some Guy. I keep looking from him to her trying to hint, and finally I just whisper 'you should switch places with me.' Her response? 'I don't feel like it.' BRILLIANT!

So, the five of us are laying on two mattresses side by side. Well, basically there are two couples, each one on a mattress, and me laying in the crevice. Oh oh, but it gets better (worse)! Not only do chick friend and Some Guy's friend start kissing and like stroking each other, FRIEND 1 AND SOME GUY BEGIN FUCKING MAKING OUT. RIGHT NEXT TO ME. WHEN SHE KNEW I WAS INTERESTED. This is the same friend who I told that I might actually like Some Guy. She told me to go for it. Yeah. Thanks.

AND, I repeatedly ASKED THEM TO STOP. I have no idea how many times I threw around the term 'inconsiderate friend.' But did she listen? Did she stop? Of course not. And I mean they were having LOUD, SLURPY makeouts with audible groping. With me, the one who was supposed to be set up by my best friend with the guy she is currently macking on THE SAME FUCKING MATTRESS.

Other chick friend was WAAAAAAAAAY more considerate. She kept apologizing and they definitely kept their makeouts to a minimum.

It's not even so much that there were people around me making out while I wasn't (okay, that was a factor. I am completely lonely and that just made it ten times worse) but that someone who is supposed to be my BEST FRIEND would betray me and knowingly hurt me like that. It isn't even about the guy; it's about what a shitty, inconsiderate friend she is.

But wait! There's more!

I was like a quarter of the way asleep, and all of the sudden, the mattress starts moving. Rhythmically. Up and down.

Yeah. My best friend. The guy she set me up with that she knew I was into. Fucking. Right next to me.


Other grievances: She didn't pay for ANYTHING AT ALL, yet ended up taking the extra booze home and shafting me on getting my money back. That morning when we were buying decorations and shit, she just wouldn't stop ripping on me and saying how hostile I was (which I am, but I wasn't in the situations where she claimed I was) which got House Owner Douche to join in (they used to date too) which got Friend 2 involved. So it was basically everyone against me. Again. I was fighting back tears that entire day. And then I got to go to Douche's house and clean by myself because no one would help me. Yay! She also did nothing for the part except set some fruit and gummy worms in booze and mix one thing of punch. Oh wow, so hard.

So yeah, didn't have fun, didn't even get drunk, best friend slept with the guy she knew I liked, didn't make my money back, expected to clean up EVERYTHING (and now that I didn't, I know I'm basically banned from every party he ever throws. Boo hoo). Fuck this party. I basically spent the entirety of yesterday afternoon (til I was rescued by some homies and Wii) crying.

I didn't even get to see my own pinata, let alone hit it or get candy from it.

Other people had fun so I guess that's all that matters.

Also, I had the most colourful outfit by far. I think I looked really cute. Not that it mattered.

And that was The Rainbow Birthday Party Extravaganza.

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