Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Drawing A Blank

Still haven't thought up a new name... and admittedly haven't really tried. I swear I will... eventually.

So- here is what led up to me finally getting some balls and telling my mother I need to come home. This weekend wasn't bad until Saturday night. I was chilling on a Man Floor of my dorm with my friends. These guys in the hall were wrestling (again, as I had drunkenly joined in and bit the fuck out of some guy's arm [I didn't recall this til the next morning... ahhh, underage drinking. What a joy] the night before) and when I tried to watch, they YELLED at me to leave. Which I did. For like, two minutes, because I am a naturally curious person (see also, disrespecting of people's wishes) when they yelled at me AGAIN. What the fuck. I learned my lesson and went away. That's when I heard my fucking roommate's voice in the hall with the guys.

Sidenote: The Roommate
My roommate is preppy, blonde, and tiny, with HUGE tits. She has the most obnoxiously squeaky, girly voice I've ever heard. We rarely talk, and when we do it's only about how many guys want to fuck her and how many bottles of liquor she polished off by herself the night before. Sweet Jesus, she is the most self-absorbed person I have ever met in my life. Not only that, she's spoiled as sin with about eighty closets worth of Abercrombie shoved in her closet here. And she's still obsessed with getting more.

I want to kill her.

The point is, she is one of those generic lame chicks that guys EVERYWHERE are predisposed to liking for no apparent reason. She is not funny or smart or particularly nice. She barely has a personality to speak of, yet she is fawned over by all who possess a cock. Bullllshit.

So back to my 'story...'

She was welcomed into the hall, where I was not.

This sounds sooo melodramatic, but if you met her (and you have at least as much intellect as a marshmallow [either one big one or a handful of those little ones]) you would understand how much of a travesty this is in my eyes.

Not to sound self-important, but I am not that bad. Reasonably attractive (on some days), able to hold a substantial conversation, pretty witty when I try, people should luuurve to hang out with me. Which my friends do.

But my friends make up like .000033 percent of the student population here, and as stated before, it's not enough.

So I went home, cried myself to sleep, and decided that I was around so many utterly retarded and shallow people long enough.

And I feel that I have whined enough for now, so next time we'll tackle Monday- explaining to my mumsy and college friends that I want (desire, REQUIRE) out!

Sidenote II- Those Taco Bell Fiesta Platters are much too much food for one person. Guuuh I feel like my belly is about to go Mount Vesuvius on my ass. Not like in the diarrhea way. I guess that was a pretty SHITTY metaphor. Bahaha.

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