Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Roommate Example:

So I'm laying on the couch watching teevee and she leaves. I decided to switch to my loft bed. She comes back in.

She's with two of her retard friends and sees The Disney Channel is on (Hannah Montana-- fuck you haters, that show is adorable) and turns to them and says in her high, annoying little bitch tone 'She watches this allll daaay.'

First of all, Cuntasaurus Rex, I do NOT watch it all day. I can't. IT'S NOT ON ALL DAY. Okay okay, taking this literally. But seriously. All she does is drink and act like a slut and giggle. Yeah, that is much better than watching (henceforth supporting) a budding young actress that is actually a positive role model for girls.

I hate the bitch. I want to chainsaw her arms off and beat her to death with them.

I've decided I'm stealing something of hers when she leaves.

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