Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Would Be The Most Awkward Party Ever

So I dreamt (which according to my spell checker is not a word, but it's the way I pronounce it SO THE BAD SPELLING STAYS!) that I was at a party at House Guy's house. And for some reason my mom was there. Here are flashes of things I remember:

I was sitting on a couch drinking a cup full of vodka. There was no chaser left so I was chasing it with strawberries. For some reason I kept pouring the contents of this packet full of powder in my mouth before I took a drink, cuz it was supposed to be the flavour of the vodka (kind of like those packets you get with Ramen).

Then I was sitting by my mom at this kitchen table (that doesn't actually exist) drinking vodka from a bowl (what a little lush) and these people came in and I told them it was five bucks to drink. And my mom started ARGUING with me about it, and I was like 'Uhm, shut up, I need money' or something along those lines.

I walked into a bedroom and Friend 1 and House Guy and other people were playing Super Smash Brothers. I was like 'is this on N64?' and Friend 1 said 'I can't imagine what this would look like on a Wii.' Then I mouthed to her 'where is Liam?' and at that moment he burst through the door, said something unintelligible, and left. I followed him because I am messed up in da head. So we go into the hallway (it was just like House Guy's real one) and I'm like 'why is the shower running?' Then I start knocking on this other door asking who is in the bathroom, when I realize I am knocking on a bedroom door and durr, I just mentioned someone in the shower behind another door. So I go in there and I think Liam followed and then another guy friend just appeared and pulled back the shower curtain. Inside was by best friend from eighth grade and this senior in high school guy I met not long ago. They were clothed and soaking wet, except dude had no pants on. I totally saw his (tiny) cock. Then that guy friend decides to jump in with them and they do not approve, so they like throw him out. He asks me to kiss his cheek to make him feel better, so I do.

And that, officer, is all I remember.

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