Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Including Excessive Winking Emoticons

So That Girl and Liam have been corresponding via Facebook Walls and it's making me ill.

She is a nice girl but seemingly pretty empty headed. She wouldn't be able to keep up with him. Not that he cares, because she is one of Those Girls and he will make excuses for her and pretend she's all deep and mysterious simply cuz he wants a hot piece of ass to claim as his own.

I shouldn't be upset because the more I analyze this, the more I realize, no, he couldn't handle me, no he isn't right for me, and most importantly, no he's not GOOD ENOUGH for me.

But I'm still bothered, I still think he's an asshole, and I'm still dreading seeing them interact at the beer pong tourney I'm playing in.

The pools are set but I asked House Guy to change it so I can play against him and kick his ass. We'll see if he obliges my request.

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