Monday, March 24, 2008

Current Boy Shit

I don't feel like going into details of the weekend. Liam and I were flirty, I was confused, blah blah.

Saturday night I was excited that I'd see him again. That was, til this one chick showed up. Don't get me wrong, her and I are kind of friends and I think she's a cool person, but she is totally one of those girls. Tiny, thin, super blonde, giggles a lot, fucking all around sexy and adorable.

You can see where this is going.

He saw her and immediately (literally, along with all the other penises at the party) started following her around like a fucking stray dog.

Just to summarize: They made out. He kept calling me a cock block. I drank more wine. I ended up snapping at Friend 1 (see? I fuck up too) and just being a general ass.

He was sitting by the door when I left. He was all 'Snarkypants, what is your problem?' I basically told him to shut the fuck up and that I hated him and I never wanted to see or talk to him again. In waaay more words than that. It was like a 30 second bitchfest.

And apparently when Friend 1 left, he was like 'are you going to be mad at me for no reason like Snarkypants?'

NO REASON? What a douche.


So my friend just called. He is going to hang out with a group of people. Including Liam. I am invited to join.

I'm so going.

Oh god oh god.

I need to go get ready.


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