Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Miss Fortune

Is me. A friend and I stocked up on Chinese food the other day so I had fourfortune cookies. Now I have two. Bahaha.

Innyhizzle, this one says

You will be successful someday.
Lucky Numbers 1, 2, 3, 17, 27, 37

On the back it tells how to say 'September' in Chinese.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. I am going to be successful. And my life will basically restart again in September cuz that's when I'll start Technical College. (It will totally restart again on Saturday. The first day of the rest of your life and all that.)

I definitely am going to buy a mondo box of fortune cookies and consult them when I have questions.

Also, it doesn't really mean anything, but 17 is basically my favourite exaggeration number.

'Next time we go outside I need to wear at LEAST 17 sweaters.'

Person: 'Do you want a piece of gum?'
Me: 'No. I want seventeen.'

Reporter: 'So, Snarkypants, how many men HAVE you slept with?'
Me: 'Seventeen.'

Oh wait. That last one's not an exaggeration. My bad.

That's called a 'joke,' for those who didn't know.

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