Friday, April 18, 2008

First Day In Vintage Land!

Sorry... I was gonna lump this and the former together (I can't believe I just said lump... I can't stop thinking about it) but I felt Tuffy deserved her own.

But yeah, the shop isn't open yet (I still haven't decided if I'm going to post the actual name) so I spent four hours ironing.


I'M SERIOUS! My boss is SO FUCKING COOL and she brought her hilarious one-year-old again. The time FLEW by. And I LOVE working downtown. This street musician just set up shop right in front of us, playing acoustic guitar and singing (John Lennon, The Beatles, Sublime.. GOOD SHIT) and it was just SOOO COOOOOL.

And I was talking to Boss Lady and she said I was the ONLY person who dressed up for their interview. That's... bizarre in my opinion. Don't you want to come off as professional? Whatever.

ANYWAY, SOSOSO pleased with this job.

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