Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm All Typed Out, Lately

Because I have taken my desperateness to a whole new level.

I put up a CraigsList personal ad.

A ton of guys have responded, so I've been writing to the potentially worth-while ones.

Sadly, I started talking to this guy hardcore yesterday and we were actually gonna hang out, but plans got messed up. He wants to hang out today. He seems like a funnyish, cool person, but he called me

AND HE HAS A TOTAL GIRL VOICE. He sounds GAY. Seriously. Sooo now I don't know what to do. How disappointing. I still may hang out with him, cuz it's kind of bitchy not to just cuz of his voice, but come on! How can I get to know someone if every time they open their mouth I'm trying not to laugh!?

I PROMISE 4-20/Liam/CraigsList replies SOON! Probably later today.

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