Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I had a dream about my ex, Metal Kevin. It doesn't help that I texted him on 4-20.

Yeah, I dreamed we got together again, even though he was still with his girlfriend. We were like cuddling and watching weird movies (I can't remember what exactly they were but I wish they actually made them cuz they seemed bizarre) and I made this excuse and left and then realized that we were probably gonna break up in like a week so I might as well spend time with him and get some cuddles and sex and male attention out of the deal, so I had Female Unit drive me back. Then, somehow I was at my high school and Friend 1 was there (we didn't go to school together) and Metal Kevin was there and wanted to see us in the principal's office. I refused to see him cuz I figured he was just gonna break up with me and I didn't want to deal with that, especially at school, so I made Friend 1 talk to him for me. I really don't remember what was said. Then she came out and I decided I would go in and just break up with HIM and there was some weird EXTREMELY tall blonde girl in there and I totally thought it was his girlfriend (it wasn't) and she started yelling at me for hiding this toy McDonald's car from him and he was asking for it and no one else knew what he was talking about and he looked crazy (I vaguely remember there being a part where I actually did that, but it was waaay at the beginning and may have never actually occurred... I just thought it did.) so I was henceforth a negative impact on his life. I started yelling at her

and then Tuffy started barking to go outside and woke me up.

I guess I'll never know if he and I broke up or just stayed together.

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