Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Facebook Conglomerate

If they wanted to, Facebook could eliminate a shit ton of interweb competition. They're basically gonna kill the free version of AOL Instant Messenger. How easily could they take things over? People become ADDICTED to Facebook, and since they're there so frequently, if they could just do all their interweb-related business, they would. Think about it. Online Facebook shopping. Personals. Movie reviews. Dictionaries (maybe it's just me that uses those uber frequently) and Encyclopaedias. IT WOULD TAKE OVER! The majority of online businesses would be wiped out by the sheer laziness (and obsessive-compulsive Facebook checking) of people.


BUT LET IT BE KNOWN, if that happens, I get all credit and 5% of the spoils. 'Kay, Facebook? Thanks! :]

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