Wednesday, February 27, 2008


SHE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT MY ARM. She took my word for it. AKA I can't wear tank tops and tee shirts for NO REASON.

Anyway, she gave me all these different ways to tell the Units that I need to go home, like making an appointment with my shrink at home and emailing my mom and shit. Stuff I will probably do.

So that's where I am. The counselor totally backs my want to withdraw from school before I flunk out and fuck myself for eternity.

So, in other news, I went to the school store and bought processed cheese slices and Oscar Mayer (the ONLY reason I remembered how to spell that is because I totally just sang the 'my bologna has a first name' song) summer sausage and I am very excited. I LOVE sandwiches, but I also love breadless sandwiches... AKA meat and cheese.

My roommate (more on her later... oh god) needs to LEAVE so I can smoke some weed (I have perfected a way of doing it in my dorm room) and eat my snackums.

Yes, I do 'drugs' (which it HARDLY is) and I've been doing it a lot more recently, due to not attending classes and having nothing to do, and OH YEAH, because it's fucking fun and feels amAzing.

I just sit stoned and watch Tom Goes To The Mayor, Xavier: Renegade Angel (EVERYONE check those shows out. TGTTM is completely ridic and Xavier is just... there are not words), and House, M.D. (who I would totally bang. I love the emotionless witty guys)

Don't judge me. It's fun.

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