Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And So It Begins

Wednesday, 12 30 AM, February 27th 2008

I have made a pseudocide attempt in order to escape college. Hopefully when I present the counselor (at 10 AM no less) with my mangled left forearm, she will call my Parental Units and they will immediately let me come home.

It was never my intention to drop out of school. The summer before, I was super excited. I was ready to be done with the trivialities of high school and make some new, awesome friends.

God, what a disappointment.

First semester, I had a fling with a taken guy. Got sick of that, so I left. That of course meant I left his friends, the only people I had ever hung out with. So I was friendless.

Now, second semester, some sort of miracle has happened, and I have a group of lovely, hilarious chums. They mean a fuck of a lot to me

But I still hate it here. Nothing can change that. I need to leave.

As of writing this, I have not been to class in seven days. Not a single one. I am fucked in allll of them now, so I might as well come home, right?

I know what I want to do with my life.


And I know everyone thinks this,

But I have the talent to do it. Professionally.

But before I can even start to achieve my dreams…

I have to drop out of college.

Wish me luck.

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